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Conditions of hiring

Conditions of hiring in the Service Web Hosting with NavientCorp Networks:

The hiring of our services implies the acceptance of our conditions on watch.

The client accedes to our plan of colocation under the following terms and conditions.

Selection of a Plan. The client will choose one of the provided plans by NavientCorp Networks and accepts to receive service in agreement with the chosen plan.

Payments by the services. The client will pay by the services chosen after this contract by means of payment with card VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL or by means of debit. The quotas will be annual.

Completion. This contract can finalize on the part of the Client or NavientCorp Networks without no warning on the part of both parts. The non-payment of a quota implies the cancellation of the contract.

The cancellation of the service on the part of the client does not imply the return of the proportional quota of the remaining period.

Fulfillment of the Law. The Client will use the services offered by NavientCorp Networks of conscious way and having respected the local and state laws. The Client will not use the services offered by NavientCorp Networks to secure to nonauthorized access to networks or systems of third parties.

Registry of Domains. If the Client delegates the registry of a domain to NavientCorp Networks, NavientCorp Networks will process the received registry. NavientCorp Networks does not guarantee that the registry of the domain can be taken to effect, if for some reason it is not possible to register the domain, will give back the complete amount phelp to him. Once registered the domain, any possibility does not exist of modifying the same before any syntax error. The registry is realised of automatic form without intervention of personnel of NavientCorp Networks, reason why any syntax error will be responsibility of the client.

Prohibition of Contents.

The Client directly or indirectly will not publish in his Web the following material, (including images, links, or any other content):

(a) Any material that violates or infringes a copyright, trademark, commercial, clear secrets.

(b) the shipment of Spam and massive e-mail not asked for envoy from its Web, or another service through Internet, which contains its name of domain.

The violation of anyone of the conditions above indicated, will give by finalized the present contract.

Limitations and Responsibilities.

NavientCorp Networks is not responsible for the content lodged in its servers, the accomplishment and guards of backups of the same, as much post office, data bases and archives run of position of the client. Realising NavientCorp Networks the restoration of backups of the client without cost.

NavientCorp Networks is not responsible for the protection or privacy of the e-mail or another information transferred through Internet. NavientCorp Networks does not guarantee the client who:

(1) the Client can receive continuous access to his Web, since this she depends mainly to anomalies of his ISP

(2) In the case of an interruption of the service, the Client will notify the interruption of the same, and NavientCorp Networks will come to recover the service as soon as it is reasonably possible. In the case of undergoing an interruption or anomaly in the service, whose solution is delayed in but of twenty-four hours (24) consecutive, and the cause the Client must be solved by NavientCorp Networks will receive an installment in his next invoice of 1/30 of his quota bases monthly.
In the case of interruptions in the service per periods inferiors to 24 hours, or whose cause escapes to the control of NavientCorp Networks (as strikes, fires, meteorological incidences, civil disturbances, vandalism, sabotages or any other cause of greater force,), NavientCorp Networks he will not be forced economically to repay the Client.