Taking notices, 5 Manuals of SEO in Spanish, and all free.

Today we have 5 manuals of SEO in Spanish, SEO and Digital Marketing. Although some are not very recent, (and this is vital in the SEO) can be an interesting beginning to form in SEO.

  • Guía SEO for Nascent published by very same Google. Who better to write a SEO manual that Google, Is necessary to sleep with underneath the pillow. Without a doubt he is and up-to-date simple, didactic Guía Seo for nascent but permanently.
  • Optimization of Webs for finders SEO Written by the IAB. Interactive Advertising Bureau Spain has published it with a purely divulging aim for the professionals of the publicity Online, but although you are not publicist and bandage combs by Internet, is interesting its lelctura.
  • Guia de Estrategias de Digital Marketing for SMEs by ANETCOM. ANETCOM is the Association of New Technologies of the Valencia Community. He is very complete.
  • Guía de Referencia Seo de Javier Casares (Up-to-date Link). Javier Casares is one of the veterans and gurús of the SEO in Spain. This guide being of the 2008 even is and being relatively out of date in some aspects it is VERY GOOD! I bought it in paper when Javier published it for the first time in the 2007. The content is very complete and as starting point is going to you to be very useful and practical. Its Twitter: https://twitter.com/javiercasares
  • Manual of Consultation SEO by VSEO. It is as the one of Javier Casares 2008 (seems that something stopped that one year) and although it has rained in this world SEO much, the base in essence of the SEO always is the same.  Its Twitter: https://twitter.com/vseo_es

Intention and to the bull, we are preparing ebook to do checklist SEO to your Web. Soon we published it.

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