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Policy of Privacy


The present Policy of Privacy has been developed considering the arranged thing by the Statutory law of Protection of personal Character data in force, as well as by Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the advice of the 27 of April of 2016 regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the personal data processing and to the circulation of these data, in future the RGPD.

This Policy of Privacy intends to inform of the holders of the personal data, with respect to which information is being successfully obtained, the specific aspects regarding the treatment its data, among other things, the purposes of the treatments, the data of contact to exert the rights that attend to him, the terms of conservation of the information and the safety measures among others things.

Person in charge of the Treatment

In terms of protection of data NavientCorp Networks, he must be considered Responsible for the Treatment, in relation to the files/treatments identified in the present policy, concretely in the section Data processings.

Next the identifying data of the holder of the present website are indicated:

Person in charge of the Treatment: 
NavientCorp Networks

Treatments of the Data

The personal character data that are asked for, where appropriate, will only consist of those strictly essential to identify and to take care of the request realised by the holder of the same, in future the interested one. This information will be dealed with loyal, allowed form and is transparent in relation to the interested one. On the other hand, the personal data will be picked up for explicit and legitimate certain purposes, not being dealt later about way with incompatible with these aims.

The data picked up of each interested will be adapted, pertinent and nonexcessive in relation to the corresponding purposes for each case, and will be updated whenever it is necessary.

The holder of the data will be informed, with previous character to the collection of his data, of the regulated general ends in this precise and unequivocal policy in order that he can give the express consent, for the treatment of his data, according to the following aspects:


Purposes of the treatment

The explicit purposes for which each one of the treatments take to end come collections in the incorporated informative clauses in each one of the routes from taking of data for the accomplishment of commercial law actions, of marketing, investigation of markets, registry of data of sales and services of after-sales, publicity and commercial prospection, with the intention of offering more suitable products or services, to send postal publicity, e-mail, telephone, movable mail, social networks, as well as the use in systems of help in the decision making.

However, the personal character data of the interested one will be dealt with the exclusive purpose of providing an effective answer to them and of taking care of the requests practiced by the user, specified next to the option, service, form or system of taking of data that the holder uses.



, As a rule previous to the treatment of the personal data, NavientCorp Networks obtains express and unequivocal consent of the holder of the same, by means of the incorporation of clauses of consent informed in the different systems from information collection.

However, in case the consent of the interested one is not required, the supporting base of the treatment in which NavientCorp Networks is protected is the existence of a law or regulates specific that authorizes or demands the treatment the treatment of the data of the interested one.



As a rule, NavientCorp Networks does not come to the cession or communication from the data to third organizations, except for the required ones legally, however, in case outside necessary, these cessions or data communications inquire to the interested one through the clauses of informed consent contained in the different routes from collection of personal data.



As a rule, the personal data take shelter always directly of the interested one, however, in certain exceptions, the data can be picked up through third people, organizations or services different from the interested one. In this sense, this end will be transferred to the interested one through the clauses of informed consent contained in the different routes from collection of information and within a reasonable term, once collected the data, and to taking more within a month.


Terms of conservation

The information successfully obtained of the interested one will be conserved while it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the personal data were successfully obtained, so that, once fulfilled the purpose the data will be cancelled. This cancellation will only give rise to the blockade of the data conserving itself at the disposal of the AAPP, Judges and Courts, to take care of the possible responsibilities born from the treatment, during the term of prescription of these, fulfilled the mentioned term will be come
to the destruction of the information.

For a reason or purpose informative, next the legal terms of conservation of the information in relation to different matters take shelter:

Legal reference

Documentation of character labor or related to the social security

4 years

Article 21 of Real Decreto Legislativo 5/2000, of 4 of August, by that the text recasted of the Law is approved on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order

Countable documentation and fiscaI to mercantile effects

6 years

Article 30 Code Commerce

Countable documentation and fiscaI to fiscal effects

4 years

70 articles 66 to General Law Tributaria

Control from accesses to buildings

1 Month

Instruction 1/1996 of the AEPD


1 Month

Instruction 1/2006 of the AEPD Statutory law 4/1997

Data of navigation

In relation to the navigation data that can be treated through website, in case data submissive the norm take shelter, is recommended to consult the Policy of Cookies published in our website.


Rights of the interested ones

The norm in the matter of protection of data grants a series of rights to the titular interested ones or of the data, users of the website or users of the profiles of the social networks of NavientCorp Networks.

These rights that attend the interested people are the following:

– Straight of access: right to obtain data on if his own data they are being treatment object, the purpose of the treatment that is being realised, the categories of data that treat, the adressees or categories of adressees, the term of conservation and the origin of these data.

– Straight of rectification: right to obtain the rectification of the inexact or incomplete personal data.

– Straight of suppression: right to obtain the suppression of the data in the following assumptions:

∗ When the data no longer are necessary for the purpose for which was successfully obtained.
∗ When the holder of the same retires the consent.
∗ When the interested one is against to the treatment.
∗ When they must suppress itself in accordance with a legal obligation.
∗ When the data have been obtained by virtue of a service of society of the information on the basis of had in article 8 section 1 the European Regulation on Protection of data.

– Straight of opposition: right to be against to a certain treatment based on the consent of the interested one.

– Straight of limitation: right to obtain the limitation of the treatment of the data when some of the following assumptions:

∗ When the interested one opposes the exactitude of the personal data, during a term that allows the company to verify the exactitude of the same.
∗ When the treatment is illicit and the interested one are against to the suppression of the data.
∗ When the company no longer needs the data for the aims for which they were successfully obtained, but the interested one needs them for the formulation, the exercise or the defense
of claims.
∗ When the interested one has been against to the treatment while it verifies if the legitimate reasons for the company prevail over those of the interested one.

– Right to the portability: right to collect the data in a structured format, of common use and mechanical reading, and to transmit them to another person in charge of the treatment when:

∗ the treatment is based on the consent.
∗ the treatment takes place by automated means.

– Right to make a complaint before the authority of competent control.


The interested ones will be able to exercise the indicated rights, going to NavientCorp Networks, by means of writing, personal to the following direction: [email protected] indicating in the line of Subject the right that wishes to exercise.

In this sense NavientCorp Networks it will take care of his request as soon as possible and considering the terms anticipated in the norm in the matter of protection of data.



The safety measures adopted by NavientCorp Networks are those required, in accordance with the established thing in article 32 of the RGPD. In this sense, NavientCorp Networks, considering the state of the technique, the costs of application and the nature, the reach, the context and the aims of the treatment, as well as the risks of variable probability and gravity for the rights and the liberties of the natural people, have established appropriate the technical and organizational measures to guarantee the level of
security adapted to the existing risk.

In any case, NavientCorp Networks has implemented the sufficient mechanisms stops:

– To guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, permanent availability and resilience of the systems and services of treatment.
– To recover the availability and the access to the personal data of fast form, in case of physical or technical incident.
– To verify, to evaluate and to value, regularly, the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures implanted to guarantee the security of the treatment.
– Seudonimizar and to base the personal data, if so.